क्रोशन्तीं रामरामेति रामेण रहितां वने । जीवितान्ताय केशेषु जग्राहान्तकसन्निभः ॥

— श्रीवाल्मीकिरामायणे अरण्यकाण्डे द्विपञ्चाशस्सर्गः (१० श्लोक)

SeetaMaata again and again embraced Jataayu, who was breathing his last, while crying loudly for help. The cruel Raavana then approached her to take her away. In fear, She then held to the nearby trees firmly.

“Raavana, who was destined to be vanquished soon, then pulled the crying and lonely Seeta with Her hair”.

Women always are respectful. Through this Shloka, Valmiki is warning that one who humiliates a chaste woman will destroy himself (however great and powerful he otherwise may be).