यस्त्विह वै निजवेदपथादनापद्यपगतः पाषण्डं चोपगतस्तमसिपत्रवनम् प्रवेश्य …

“यस्त्विह वै निजवेदपथादनापद्यपगतः पाषण्डं चोपगतस्तमसिपत्रवनम् प्रवेश्य कशयाप्रहरन्ति तत्रः असौ इतस्ततो धावमान उभयतोधारैस्तालवनासिपत्रैश्छिद्यमानसर्वाङ्गो हा हतोऽस्मीति परमया वेदनया मूर्छितः पदे पदे निपतति स्वधर्मः पाषण्डानुगतं फलं भुङ्क्ते”

— श्रीमद्भागवते महापुराणे पारमहंस्यां संहितायां पञ्चमस्कन्धे षड्विंशोऽध्यायः (१५ श्लोक)

Even without being in a dangerous situation, one who leaves his own (Vedic) dharma and takes up other (non-Vedic) religions will be taken by Yamadutas to a terrible Naraka by name AsipatraVanam. Here the Yamadutas will painfully whip this jeeva. Unable to bear this pain, such jeevas run for help; then however get cut by the leaves in the forest trees which are like sharp (on both sides) knives. Crying for help they loose conscious at every step.

Such terrible are the consequences of taking up to other religions! However attractive another women looks like, she cant replace our mother; similarly however attractive another religion appears, it cant replace our (mother) religion!