बहवः साधवो लोके युक्ता धर्ममनुष्ठिताः । परेषामपराधेन विनष्टाः सपरिच्छदाः ॥

— श्रीमद्वाल्मीकिरामायणे अरण्यकाण्डे एकोनचत्वारिंशस्सर्गः (२०व श्लोकमु)

Firmly denying to help Ravana in the cruel act of abducting SitaDevi, Maarrecha tells this memorable shloka: “There are popular stories of  numerous number of great, dharmic people who had to loose their everything, and experience great sorrows, just because of the sins committed by their adharmic acquaintances”.

In summary, we must avoid the company of the bad as far as possible.