परवानस्मि काकुत्स्थ त्वयि वर्षशतं स्थिते । स्वयं तु रुचिरे देशे क्रियतामिति मां वद ॥

श्रीमद्वाल्मीकिरामायणे अरण्यकाण्डे पञ्चादशस्सर्गः (७व श्लोकमु)

After reaching Panchavati, ShriRaama wanted to construct a hut in a place that has abundance of Samidhas, Pushpams, Kushas, and water (materials used in daily Pooja). He then asks His learned brother Lakshmana to decide a suitable place for construction. Lakshmana then replies with the above dharmic verse:

 “O Raama! Even if hundreds of years pass (however elderly I become), I will always be bounded by Your word/opinion. Please choose a suitable place and order me to construct the hut there”.

This episode illustrates ideal relationship between brothers in Indian culture. Even though ShriRaama had the independence of making the choice, he gave freedom to his younger but capable brother to make the choice. Even though complete freedom was given, Lakshmana showed his respect towards elder brother by requesting him to make the decision.