न्यस्तदण्डा वयं राजन् जितक्रोधा जितेन्द्रियाः । रक्षितव्यास्त्वया शश्वत् गर्भभूतास्तपोधनाः ॥

श्रीमद्वाल्मीकिरामायणे अरण्यकाण्डे प्रथमोध्यायः (२० श्लोक)

Requesting ShriRaama to protect them from deadly rakshasas, the rushis of Dandakaranya spoke this memorable shloka:

“O great Rama! We have left all weapons (we shall not use them even for self-defense!). We have also left anger (hence cannot give shaapams). And we are doing Tapas with Indriya-nigraham. So you must protect us like babies in mother’s womb”.

The morals to be learnt:

  1. Importance of leaving Himsa and anger completely are very important for doing Tapas.
  2. It is the foremost duty of a king to protect those who can’t protect themselves like these Rushis, and babies in mother’s womb.

It is extremely depressing and ironical that in a country where Vedas, which declare that killing foetus is extremely sinful, were born now we witness barbaric activities like killing foetus in the name of “abortions”. As declared in this shloka by Valmiki it is the foremost duty of the government to ban any kind of abortions.