कामकारो महाप्राज्ञ! गुरूणां सर्वदानघ । उपपन्नेषु दारेषु पुत्रेषु च विधीयते ॥

श्रीमद्वाल्मीकिरामायणे अयोध्याकाण्डे चतुरुत्तरशततमस्सर्गः (१८ श्लोक)

Declaring that His father Dasharatha indeed has the authority of sending Him to exile, ShriRaama spoke these dharmic words to Bharata:

“O Bharata! A Guru has the authority to command his Shishya. Hence a Dharma-patni, progeny, and a student must always be `Vidheya’ towards her Bharta, their parents, and Teacher respectively. (who are in the respective Guru positions)”.


`Vidheya’ means the act of considering that the achievement of Guru’s purusharthas (like Guru’s Dharma etc.) is his own duty. Accordingly, ShriRaama, in order to keep the promise of his father chose to go to exile voluntarily, thus showing He is a `Vidheya’ to His Guru (father).

This shloka should be an eye-opener for today’s youth who behave with utter disrespect towards their parents in the name of `independence/individuality’ and ‘rationality’.