समाप्तवनवासं मां अयोध्यायां परन्तप । कोनु शासिष्यति पुनः ताते लोकान्तरं गते ॥

श्रीमद्वाल्मीकिरामायणे अयोध्याकाण्डे द्व्युत्तरशततमस्सर्गः (१२व श्लोकमु)

On hearing the terrible news of the death of His father, ShriRaama fell on the ground weeping with grief. After regaining consciousness, He spoke this shloka:

“Now that my father passed away, on returning to Ayodhya from the exile, who will rule me and guide me by providing dharmic advices?”


This shloka by ShriRaama should be an eye-opener for all those youth, with so-called modern outlook, who raise slogans of ‘independence (from elders)’, slogans of ‘individuality’, slogans of ‘freedom to explore’ etc. This is ShriRaama’s message to all those progeny who (want to) take important decisions in their lives, neglecting the opinion of their parents/elders.

Also, the humility shown by ShriRaama here is noteworthy. He Himself being such a learned person of supreme quality, was still wishing to be advised by parents/elders.