भर्ता चैव सखा चैव रामो दाशरथिर्मम । तस्यार्थकामाः सन्नद्धा गङ्गानूपे प्रतिष्ठित ॥

श्रीमद्वाल्मीकिरामायणे अयोध्याकाण्डे चतुरशीतितमस्सर्गः (६ श्लोकम्)

Being a well-wisher and friend of ShriRaama, Guha naturally suspected Bharata on seeing His huge army (at banks of Ganga). He then spoke this shloka:

“ShriRaama is my King, and moreover, my best friend. For his well-being let us become alert and guard the banks of Ganga (so that the army will not cross the river and reach ShriRaama, if Bharata’s intentions are bad)”.

From this shloka we should learn how a friend should ignore his own comforts and strive for the well-being of his friend.

Infact, from a few subsequent shlokas in this context the following two points are noteworthy:

  1. Guha ordered that 500 battle ships each with 100 soldiers should guard the banks of Ganga. If a small king in a forest (Guha) has 500 battle ships of 100 capacity, one can estimate the technological expertise of Indians in those ancient days itself.
  2. Even though Guha doubted Bharata, he did not act in any kind of hastful or dis-respectful manner. He took many gifts, articles to present to Bharata and spoke to Bharata with humility (while assessing His intentions).