pitā hi prabhurasmākaṃ daivataṃ paramaṃ hi naḥ | yasya no dāsyati pitā sa no bhartā bhaviṣyati ||

— vālmīkirāmāyaṇe bālakāṇḍe dvātriṃśassargaḥ (22)

“Our father is our supreme God and he has complete authority over us. To whomever he gives me shall only be my husband”, this is the righteous reply that the 100 daughters of Kuśanābha give to Vāyudeva in one voice, when he requests them to marry him. Vāyudeva even lures these extremely beautiful girls by saying that once they marry him, they will get amaratva and will remain young and beautiful forever. However, not succumbing to Vāyudeva‘s tempting words, they again reply saying that only their father has the authority to decide their husbands and they will never interfere in his matter. They even warn Vāyudeva to stop this evil thought and return. These words of Kuśanābha’s daughters should teach a strong lesson to the present day youth who, with ahaṅkāram, take independence in all matters as if their parents are not worth anything. Such behaviour is also unfortunately reinforced in all television and movies! Kuśanābha is the grandfather of the great Viśvāmitra maharṣhi.